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»May 13th, 2013 by andi

I am now the owner of a house. A house with a yard. A yard that I have to figure out what to do with. I have so many friends that garden – a lot of them grow food. And some of those select few grow food not only for their own families, but for others like me. The concept is so honest. You grow, you eat. I love every bit of the notion and eat every tasty bite of their handy work, but, I’m not so sure about how to make the jump to growing food. Step 1: Find some inspiration. Below. Check. Step 2: admit to farmer friends that, have mercy, I have no idea how to grow what I eat! Working on it…

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»August 1st, 2012 by andi

Here in Fort Collins, our forest is decimated and our Poudre River, black. The fires earlier this summer took a toll on the west side – something that’s sure to rear its ugly head for the next couple years in Fort Collins.

We, here in Colorado, can be angry about the fires. Some more than others, as their houses burned to the ground. Some will need to be angry to get to the point of reconciliation with nature – the whole grievance process. In all of the chaos though, I think we can look to trees – the very thing that kindled the fires – for guidance.

Just as residents affected by the fires must rebuild, so must the trees around them. This will not be easy for either entity; there are emotion and environmental hurdles in their midst. Yet, as the days pass, so, too, will the anguish of all that was lost. The trees will repopulate and growth is sure to be synchronous with the spirits of those affected by the fires. Time will give both an advantage in healing and they will once again coexist together, different than they did before, with more antiquity than they had before.

Here’s inspiration from one of my favorite eco tree house builders – Blue Forest .