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»January 29th, 2012 by andi

My recent obsession; linen dress forms. I’m on the hunt for the perfect one. One that’s supple, but not creepy. One that’s headless with a metal crown over the headless neck. One that has words written across it, maybe French words, thou I suppose I could DIY that part.

My journey to find said linen form has taken me to some weird websites. Very weird websites. It seems as though most dress forms are sold alongside of mannequins. And, well, mannequins are a whole different thing entirely. They’re plastic and have arms. Their finger nails are usually the same color as their plastic skin and they often have heads – sometimes faces. Let’s face it; they usually look like Boy George – downright creepy.

Why do I think this, though? What I’m looking for really isn’t that far away from its mannequin counterpart. They both are human body shaped. They both were probably manufactured similarly. They both can wear clothes … like me. So, is what I’m looking for really that different than [gulp] a mannequin? Why am I trying to differentiate myself from those hunting for mannequins? Why do I feel guilty when coworkers see me looking at mannequins but not dress forms? Will “The Mannequin” ever become a real girl? Not sure what the answers are, but here is some tantalizing mannequin eye candy, and a sign that all dress form prejudice – including mannequins – may be ending.

a. modern50| vintage dress form photo
b. etsy| leas vintage doll dress form
c. etsy| autumn lady 18 bridal dress form
d. Rob Pippin| art dress form
e. Blue Green Arts| small art dress form
f. Margaret Conte | art mannequin
g. | Vintage Dress Form
h. Timeless Settings | Paris Vintage Style Mannequin Jewelry Holder
i. Jesse Watson | dress form

»February 17th, 2011 by andi


A few weeks ago, I went to a friend’s baby shower. The shower was everything both men and women want a baby shower to be – one big extended Sunday happy hour shared with all of their friends at the best restaurant in Fort Collins, Canyon Chophouse. The dilemma: What to get a chic mommy-to-be who has everything? Read more

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»December 5th, 2010 by andi

On a recent trip to Europe, I learned a lot of humbling lessons. I went thinking I had been there once, so things should’ve been simple. After all, Europe is a set of Western countries, right? Read more