»April 22nd, 2012 by andi

It’s Earth Day. Earth Day, of course, being a celebration of nature and a day devoted to preserving our planet. And, I must say, I battle with the way I feel about Earth Day. A part of me thinks we should be aware of our environmental impact everyday, so why is there only one day devoted to it? Another, more compassionate part of me knows that devotion, be it a week, a day, an hour, is how awareness begins.

It’s unrealistic to expect consumerism will stop today, but, here’s a compromise; if you’re going to spend, spend sensibly. Think about your purchases and how they affect the global economy, the environment, the earth. More than ever, we as consumers have choice. Be critical thinkers. Choose wisely. (Hint: start by going to the shop section of this website…!)

»April 19th, 2012 by andi

Our mothers, doctors, massage therapists always tell us to drink lots of water. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it; water is good for us. For me, the idea of drinking water, great. The practicality of it, not so great. The thought of drinking water only comes to me if I’m thirsty, and even then, I’d rather have kombucha, seltzer, chai, Sprite… you name it. But, I’m making a commitment to myself this summer – to finish at least two bottles of water a day. And these beautiful specimens are going to help me out.

Specimen #1: Bamboo Bottle

Natural, eco chic, reminds me of the floor I do yoga on. I like it.

Specimen #2: Sabi Vitamin Bottle

Functional, travel-worthy, good for those who take vitamins or meds everyday – me!

Specimen#3: Miir Bottle

Sleek, bold, says “I’m ready for water or Absolut cranberries.”

Hmm… going to be a tough choice.

»January 29th, 2012 by andi

My recent obsession; linen dress forms. I’m on the hunt for the perfect one. One that’s supple, but not creepy. One that’s headless with a metal crown over the headless neck. One that has words written across it, maybe French words, thou I suppose I could DIY that part.

My journey to find said linen form has taken me to some weird websites. Very weird websites. It seems as though most dress forms are sold alongside of mannequins. And, well, mannequins are a whole different thing entirely. They’re plastic and have arms. Their finger nails are usually the same color as their plastic skin and they often have heads – sometimes faces. Let’s face it; they usually look like Boy George – downright creepy.

Why do I think this, though? What I’m looking for really isn’t that far away from its mannequin counterpart. They both are human body shaped. They both were probably manufactured similarly. They both can wear clothes … like me. So, is what I’m looking for really that different than [gulp] a mannequin? Why am I trying to differentiate myself from those hunting for mannequins? Why do I feel guilty when coworkers see me looking at mannequins but not dress forms? Will “The Mannequin” ever become a real girl? Not sure what the answers are, but here is some tantalizing mannequin eye candy, and a sign that all dress form prejudice – including mannequins – may be ending.

a. modern50| vintage dress form photo
b. etsy| leas vintage doll dress form
c. etsy| autumn lady 18 bridal dress form
d. Rob Pippin| art dress form
e. Blue Green Arts| small art dress form
f. Margaret Conte | art mannequin
g. art.com | Vintage Dress Form
h. Timeless Settings | Paris Vintage Style Mannequin Jewelry Holder
i. Jesse Watson | dress form

»November 16th, 2011 by andi

In light of my current city’s decision to pass amendment 300 – the result, shutting 22 medical marijuana businesses down –I thought I’d do the newly unemployed some honor and show them signs of support.

Dear amendment 300 lovers & voters,
Just ‘cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Unless, of course, you’re talking about a band aid to our economy. That really is non-existent, because you voted against it.


a. etsy| stash bag
b. etsy| stash jar
c. Bytepack| cannabis cover
d. etsy| thc molecule necklace
e. Epier| Think Green t-shirt
f. etsy| Big Lebowski coaster set

»October 25th, 2011 by andi

Nothing says Halloween like a handful of Zombies in a 30% post-consumer recycled brown box, so here’s a little somethin’ to bring out the Ebert in you. This and other sets are available at Film Festival in a Box | Films

»September 12th, 2011 by andi

There are lots of koozies out there. Can ones, bottle ones, neoprene ones, plastic ones… but, do they really keep our drinks cold? My boyfriend insists they do. So we tested it. He put a Fat Tire in a camo-meets-neon-orange cheap freebee koozie, and I left mine as is. The truth be told, after an hour of sitting, the Fat Tire in the koozie was no doubt colder than without.

My point? I like cold beer. I want my beer to stay cold. My other point? Now that I know this, I will no doubt be replacing that camo koozie with these babies.

Freaker | Koozies .

»September 6th, 2011 by andi

These pencil shavings portraits by Kyle Bean are super unique and still stick to the basics – pencil and paper. Plus, they’re made of otherwise scrap. How do I get one?!

Kyle Bean | Pencil Shavings .

»September 4th, 2011 by andi

As a long term Absolut admirer (yes, I was one of those teenagers who collected Absolut ads and posted them in my room, only to have my mom rip them down), I think what Absolut is doing with their Absolut Blank series is clever, and a dream for artists.

Find out more at Absolut Blank .

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»September 2nd, 2011 by andi

So you want go Bansky on your city? Here’s a solution that won’t get you arrested. The one, the only, Walls Notebook. Now you can capture the boring words of your boss and your artistic freedom in one!

Where to find them? The | Walls Notebook

»August 17th, 2011 by andi

Here’s a little something I just created for the old crib. It’ll hang above my boyfriend and I’s bed. I thought about putting a fork in there too. Ha.