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A few weeks ago, I went to a friend’s baby shower. The shower was everything both men and women want a baby shower to be – one big extended Sunday happy hour shared with all of their friends at the best restaurant in Fort Collins, Canyon Chophouse. The dilemma: What to get a chic mommy-to-be who has everything?

And out of necessity came creativity.

Said mommy-to-be loves New Belgium. She’s attended many New Belgium events, and will attend many more, I’m sure. I have a lot of New Belgium t-shirts – some donated (thanks New Belgium!), some purchased. Mix the two ideas and throw in a towel, a button and a thread and needle, and – bam! – my once under-worn, under-appreciated t-shirt is suddenly a superstar in its second life as a bib.

Here are simple steps for you to make your baby or someone else’s baby the most eco-friendly baby on the block.

bib or bib pattern
old t-shirt
towel (thinner works better)
needle and thread and/or sewing machine
button, or snap button, or velcro (snap fastener machine needed, if using a snap button)

a. choose what section of your t-shirt you want to end up on the bib.
b. lay the bib, or bib pattern you have over the t-shirt, so that your selected section of shirt is covered by the bib/pattern.
c. using a magic marker, or something finer that will show up on the t-shirt fabric, draw the outline of the bib/pattern on the t-shirt.
d. repeat steps a. – c. with the towel.
e. using scissors, cut out bib outlines from the t-shirt and towel.
f. Optional. If you want to add a patch, or anything else to what will be the front of the bib, now’s the time to sew it where you want it on the t-shirt portion of the bib you’ve just cut out. In my example, I wanted the New Belgium logo on the bib, but it was on the back of the shirt. I cut out the logo from the back of the shirt and sewed it on front.
g. face the sides of the t-shirt and towel you want showing on the bib together, so that the backsides are facing front. It should look like it’s inside out.
h. using sewing machine (or thread and needle, if you’re good like that), sew all of the outside edges together, except for a 2 inch gap at the bottom.
i. after all edges have been sewn, turn the bib right side out through the 2 inch unsewn gap at the bottom.
j. sew the 2 inch gap together with a machine or by hand.
k. depending on what fastener you want to use (I used a button, because it had a beer icon on it) sew or clamp the fastener accordingly at the top.
l. finito! You have a very cute, very unique upcycled bib.

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  1. Alana says:

    Great idea! Now, where can I get my hands on one of those shirts?!!

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