the commitment conundrum
»December 12th, 2010 by andi

Ever fantasize about pulling an Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and ditching all commitments in your life? Of course you do – everything from candid friends with benefits relationships to REI’s return policy is whispering sweet non-committal nothings in our ears. And art is the mac-daddy player.

From the ancient art of henna, to Buddhist mandalas, to naturalist Andy Goldsworthy, temporary art has carved a sweet little niche for itself, and has never been hotter. Museums bearing food art such as Kevin Van Aelst’s food art and taggers who roam the streets armed with tape, like the infamous Buffdiss’ tape art , are materializing everywhere. New mediums? New inspirations? Or simply a statement of paradigm. We’ll only know through future art history classes… if there’s any evidence left.

Good news for design: these transient tendencies of epic proportions have inspired a new home accessory – vinyl decals. Commitment-phobes, eat your heart out with affordable, fairly eco-friendly (considering they’re reusable), effortless and chic ways to sexy-up your house. Reminder: everything in moderation.

a. etsy|elephant b. butch and harold|frame c. lewas designs|birch trees d. etsy|deer with antlers e. e-glue|t-rex f. butch and harold|frame

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  2. andi says:

    @ phpBB – I found the content all over. I’ve known about Buffdiss for awhile – I have friends that are big into tape art. The ideas of other temporary forms of art just rolled from there.

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  6. Mandi Majchrzak says:

    Like your site. Was it written out of experience with committment phobia?

    • andi says:

      Hmm, slightly. I had a friend once call himself a serial monogamist – he jumped in long relationships with one person after the next. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the opposite of that – a serial polygamist – especially in relationships. My commitment phobia is more with house decor, clothing, living spaces … more material driven.

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