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»February 7th, 2011 by andi

There’s this thing I have called a cat. That may sound insensitive, but anyone who knows Phoenix would agree – he’s mighty furry, and horribly un-purry. He is a total, utter wild maniac who loves anything living only so he can attack it and bring it swiftly to its deathbed. Human appendages are no exception. This cat is the grim reaper of Felis catus.

I try not to complain about the angry little guy too much. He’s really entertaining, especially when guests come over who insist they’re cat whispers. All I can do is make sure they have insurance, as they reach out to pet him. And thanks to him, I know a lot more about feral cats than most non-experts. His incessant hissing, biting and jack-hammer-rabbit- foot style attacking has led me to several long nights of feral cat research all with the same conclusion: feral animals are wild animals. They cannot be tamed.

So, I’ve come to two realizations: 1. I will keep him as my catiger pet until I have a kid or two. 2. I will continue to derive as much inspiration and as many lessons from him as I can find until I can no longer have him as my catiger pet. And so it is, the brattiest cat in the world, is my teacher.

Most recently, Phoenix has been at the forefront of my thoughts about compassion. Saaaaa-ppy. So let’s focus on the second most recent lesson from him – rekindling my love for all things wild. I really do love nature. The beauty, balance and chaos of it all, is perfect. So much so, that sometimes I want to capture it, and take it home for my own. I know that’s not right, so how do I pay tribute to nature and the beloved, wild creatures in it? Personification, of course.

For all you animal lovers … go wild.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Maybe we could work together to design an animal print bathtub. Lol!

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