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»December 5th, 2010 by andi

On a recent trip to Europe, I learned a lot of humbling lessons. I went thinking I had been there once, so things should’ve been simple. After all, Europe is a set of Western countries, right? Wrong. Completely wrong. To illustrate just how wrong I was, I made a check list of things to remember for next time.

10. Do not agree to 16 hour layovers on your way home – even if they save you $100.
9. Let boyfriend, or whoever your ride is from the airport, know when to pick you up before you leave for your trip.
8. Don’t rent a car. Trains have the most awesome GPSes ever!
7. Bring a map. Old school, but hardy. Related to:
6. Map destination your before your trip. If things go wrong, you can reroute. Some plan is better than no plan.
5. Make sure your cell phone has a Europe plan of some sort. Duh.
4. Book a hostel before you go. And get that hostel’s information before you go. Especially if the weekend you want to visit there is the 2nd most celebrated holiday. Related to:
3. Look up what holidays are the most celebrated in that country. Say, top 5 or so.
2. Never take any sort of drive that has 100 gigs worth of all material you’ve worked on for the past couple years across the Atlantic. Put it on a thumb drive, for chrissake!
1. Do not visit any country thinking you know anything about it when you’ve never been there. You will be stripped naked with your junk hanging out. Ok, not that bad, but it will make you spring a gray hair or 201. (Unless you have thyroid problems. In that case those 201 hairs will just fall off your scalp.)

Despite the European predicaments I found myself in, I was inspired by a few things – predominantly Europe’s ability to keep their old treasures, while assimilating shiny new ones. Don’t get me wrong; the fact that they build streets around coliseums, churches, fountains, etc. was impart responsible for my hopeless inability to navigate anything there. Still, the European ability to stick phone booths directly outside of 500+ year old churches is impressive. I’m totally not being metaphorical.

If not for anything, all this old + new Europe has sent me on a recyclism + modernity binge for holiday decor. Let junk-made-classy combinations appease your inner recycler, and impress your guests.

a. etsy|striped stocking b. maya made|envelope napkin rings c. easy crafts|wrapping paper scraps holders d. yesterdayontuesday|pocket banners

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