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»March 13th, 2011 by andi


Soul. What a strange concept. Who has one, who doesn’t, where they’re housed, where they go when our bodies stop working – it’s all so arbitrary. For something so important, you’d think we’d have it more figured out. But maybe that’s just why it is so important … because we have no definite answers as to what it is.

Most recently, souls seem to be a hot topic in our media. Vampires always have no souls but long for them, doctors always try to reign souls in and bring them back to earthly bodies, ghosts are always in love with the wrong world wanting to stay somewhere they shouldn’t be, and werewolves and other animals, well, are in another category of their own. Not only, then, are souls the topic up for discussion, but our obsession with trying to keep them trapped in our bodies so that life as we know it is eternal, as well.

My stance on souls? It’s hard to take one when I have no idea why souls. Sure, there are lots of theories surrounding how all life arrived on this planet, and where we as humans are ultimately trying to get to, but really, why is the question for me. If I must have an opinion though, I’d like to think of souls as Christopher Moore does in his book “A Dirty Job.” His outlook is very humanistic, imaginative and satirical, but it’s really what connects best for me. Makes those synapses rapidly fire. I guess because my human self relies on humor and creativity (amongst a host other things) to define me, so, too will it define my soul. If what defines us as people is not only our outer bodies, but our inner selves, wouldn’t those characteristics describe a soul?

Who knows. Literally.

Enough ethereal talk, let’s sooth our earthly parts with some unearthly trinkets and tangibles. Charms that are chicken soup for the soul and reminders that we have one … somewhere in there.

a. Tribal Hollywood | celtic cross leather cuff
b. Etsy | recycled buddha
c. Etsy | our lady of guadeloupe ring
d. Etsy | eye of ra vegan soap
e. Etsy | beat to my soul eye chart
f. Ponoko | wing ring

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  1. sarah marsh says:

    really like that eye of ra soap.

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