baby, it’s cold outside?
»February 1st, 2011 by andi


We, here in Colorado, like to think that it gets cold here. Known for our winter outdoor activities and snow covered peaks, I can see why that is. But, we’re wrong.

Tomorrow’s temperature is supposed to be the same as the delicious New Belgium beer and really bad Vodka – 2 below. Don’t get me wrong, 2 below is cold. But, all those “I walked 26 miles in the blistering cold of Minnesota winters, blah, blah, blah” stories from my mom definitely had shards of truth in them; Minnesota is blistering cold. Truly, deeply cold. As in, 30 below cold.

So, Coloradoans, as a native (yes, I’m pulling the native card here), we know nothing of cold. We are lucky to have the weather we do. Good grief! It was 64 degrees 4 days ago. We really have nothing to complain about in this homeless hobo haven. Gawd. I sound just like my mom

Here are some charming things to stay warm with, whether it’s 2 below, or 32 below.

a. Baabaa ZuZu | upcycled sweater mittens b. Sweet Earth | fair trade Chai Hot Cocoa c. Beard Head | viking beard hat d. Etsy | crochet slippers

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  1. Tina Fletcher says:

    it all depends on where you are from. i’m from Texas, and this is my first year in Colorado. it’s cold!

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