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»May 30th, 2011 by andi

Boo Davis is the hippest heavy metal quilter around. Yes, heavy metal quilter. Like an arranged marriage between Martha Stewart and Slash, her union between hand stitched blankets and metal is undoubtedly unordinary. The colors she chooses for her quilts are bright, her patterns are reminiscent of Gee’s Bend quilts, and yet she manages to work skulls and sayings like “rock out with your [you know what] out” front and center on them. Definitely not your average quilter.

As if all this isn’t impressive enough, Boo is also the art director for The Seattle Weekly, an illustrator and an award winning graphic designer. Her illustration is notable by her two dimensional, rectangular characters. She frequently uses various perspectives within the same illustration to convey ideas, actions and sequence – probably a response to the article topics she illustrates for.

Her graphic design work is figurative and usually holds a single focal point. It’s big and bold and ready to tell you a story, just like her quilts. “Cutting-edge,” the Columbia Daily Tribune calls it []. I agree.

One last Boo tidbit; as of 2010, she’s also an author. Her book is called “Dare to be Square” and is absolutely worth checking out if you like the examples of her work in this post, if you like quilting or if you simply like pretty pictures and easy to follow directions.

Find out more about Boo’s work at

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  1. Pearlene Gambrill says:

    Yeah, I agree, she’s good.

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